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Are you tired of searching for and download apps like “Wifi Hacker” or “WiFi Passwords” and do not work at all?Forget such apps, they never work.

Penetrate Pro calculates WEP/WPA keys for some wireless routers. This Pro version helps me further develop Penetrate and test it across more devices and android versions.

Pro features:
– No ads
– 3G lookup of Thomson-based routers (no dictionaries needed)
– some more features to comeThe following wifi routers are supported:
– Thomson-based routers*: Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet
– Pirelli Discus
– Eircom
– DLink
– Verizon FiOS (only some routers)
– Fastweb (Pirelli & Telsey)
– Jazztel_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX
– Tecom
– Infostrada
– SkyV1You can Download Penetrate pro v2.1.1 Apk here :
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Price List Jaw Crusher Indonesia Sell New and Used
Jaw crusher is that a tool or a machine most commonly as a crusher / breaker to the shape and the mechanism that is simple to make crushing rocks that contain minerals through clamping between two plates (jaw kept and jaw swinging) or swing jaw, then destroyed by the kind of press crushed. The benefit for uniform grain size of raw coal, to crush the waste rock dumped just before the conveyor belt.
Jaw Crusher
Stone-breaking machine manifold Jaw Crusher a couple of brands as well as its ability, nah each brand and strength capicity various gathering of price and specifications, it is definitely for the plan to buy Jaw crusher price list Jaw crusher so one that needs attention and do not miss the problems the quality of the rock breaking machine Jaw crusher should be the top priority as well as a consideration.

Selling Price New and Used Jaw Crusher
Problem solvers price of equipment Stone Jaw crusher is vary depending brands and specifications of the jaw crusher, as well as info only if the price Cruisher jaw slightly cheaper upfront about th.2015 USD 70. 000. 000, - s / d US $ 80 000. 000, - with capacity: 1-3ton / hour, this machine can be obtained certainly has the ability to add grama its price is more expensive for the price Jaw crusher with capability of 100 tons / hour his price could reach 2 billion more. to see the power of Jaw Crusher in breaking rock can be seen from the example of the brand Specifications Jaw Crusher Shanghai from most types / kinds.

List prices Jaw Crusher New and Used

Jaw Cruisher
/ stone-breaking type jaw included in Primay Crusher and is usually used for the first stage of reducing the large granules of stone that will rock processed by cruiser other types, jaw Cruisher very effective when used for sedimentary rocks and very hard rock really an example of basalt or granite. This stone-crushing machines typically have a ratio of 6: 1 and a suppressor Nesin, use Jaw Crusher in the quarry has the advantage example dibuthkan economic and energy is relatively small.
Cheap Smartphones For Sale: Get The Your Best Smartphone Cheaply
A smartphone is one kind of mobile phones which has advanced system of mobile operating. Usually, a smartphone combines some features of a cell phone with some mobile devices, such as GPS navigation unit, media player, personal digital assistant (PDA), etc. Along with the high demand of smartphone, nowadays there are so many cheap smartphones for sale. 

These days, there are some innovations for cheap smartphone. Most of smartphones also have a touchscreen, camera phones, web browsing, mobile payment mechanisms, and motion sensors. There are some shops that sell the smartphone cheaply. Many people, including the society in the village, also love to buy the smartphone for many purposes. Smartphone is necessary to help someone to stay connect with information and entertainment. Some of the popular types of the cheap smartphones for sale are Android and Windows phones.

1.    Android
An Android works with some Google products, such as Google search, Google Drive, and Gmail. Android phone can work well with Gmail account, but if you do not have Gmail account, you can also run with no Gmail account. Some popular brands that use Android are the Samsung Galaxy S 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One, Nexus 6, etc. You can download some apps via Google Play Store. 

2.    Windows Phone
Windows Phone has Live Tiles as the main feature of Windows 8 for Personal Computer. Using this smartphone, you can update the weather, real time, news, or TV show. Some of windows phones are Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 635, etc.

You can also buy cheap smartphones in some online shops. There are so many website which provide the cheap smartphone for the consumers. You can search in some websites. You will find cheap smartphone for sale both new and used smartphone. Compare and choose the best one.
Cheap Smartphones Unlocked: Choose unlocked smartphone with low budget
Do you have a lot of business? Do you like to stay connected everywhere? If so, you may need to buy a smartphone. A smartphone will very help you to do some activities. A smartphone offers many features, such as: qwerty keyboard, touch screen, faster internet, full web browser, access to email, higher resolution cameras, documents viewer, gps navigation, and larger memory expansion. 

A smartphone could access a 3G or 4G broadband network which could allow you to brows quickly. If you want to buy a smartphone, you can buy prepaid smartphone or unlocked smartphone. An unlocked smartphone allow you have a phone which is not configured to a specific provider. Buying cheap smartphones unlocked is a good way to make you easy for having useful phone. 

Some brands of unlocked smartphone are Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Ice 3, Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung galaxy Core Prime, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus L7, Nokia Lumia 630, Motorola Moto E, etc. You can buy cheap smartphones unlocked in some stores near your home. 

There are many stores that sold unlocked smartphone with a low price. You should be smart in selecting the cheapest smartphone. Usually, each store sells the smartphone with different price and service. Search the stiore that will give you more advantages. 

There are so many kinds of cheap smartphones unlocked. You should compare the feature in the smartphone and find one that you need. There are so many innovations for smartphone. Each smartphone has different features. The features of the smartphone affect the price of the smartphone. If you buy the smartphone which has very complete and up to date features, its price will high. Buy the best smartphone which suits with your budget.
Cell Phones In School Pros And Cons: Pros And Cons of Cell Phones In School
Nowadays, cell phones become important part of our daily life. Most of people around the world, including students, own and use cellular phones regularly. Using cell phone in the classroom can cause a large problem in schools, but some people argue that it is also necessary. The differences of some thoughts make some pros and cons about cell phone in the school. These are cell phones in school pros and cons.

Pros of cell phone in classroom
Certainly, something which is made has some advantages. Although a cell phone in the classroom is not good idea, it also has some pros, such as:

1.    Cell phone could help the students’ learning process
Sometimes, the students need to search something in internet. In some countries, the students should bring a laptop for their learning. Cell phone is completed with some applications. It is like a small computer, so the students do not need to use computer. The students could search their assignment simply at their desk without bringing the heavy laptop.

2.    Cell phone is useful for emergency contact
Cell phone is important part for communication since its main function is to make a text and a call. The students and their parent could send a text or make a call when they need emergency contact for unpredicted case.

Cons of Cell Phones in Classroom
These are some cons of Cell phones in school pros and cons:
1.    Cell phone could disturb teaching learning process.
Some students could make a call or text for their family or friend that could disturb the teaching learning process. Cell phone also allows students to spend their time on social media. The students will not focus on their lesson.

2.    cell phone can be a tool for some Prohibited Activity
Cell phone allows students to connect around the world. The students could do cheating with their cell phone. The students also could search sexually explicit things with their friends in school.
There are the other cell phones in school pros and cons, you can search in internet or you can write your opinion and share it.
Android Vs iOS Pros And Cons | Apple's iOS and Google's Androidare kinds of operating system that are used in some smartphones and tablets. Each of these operating systems has pros and cons.
To get more information about these operating systems, you can read android vs ios pros and cons. These are the lists of pros and cons both iOS and android.
Android Vs iOS Pros And Cons
Some pros of iOS 
  • The product iOS is premium product
  • You can easily develop iOS, you just need use small set of hardware
  • Is can be easily developed with UI standardisation
  • It is completed with a chain of standard tool
  • It has higher quality than Android
Some cons of iOS
  • Every application that is released needs approval from Apple. It may need several days.
  • There is o income if Apple does not like the application which you craft over the past six months.
  • iOS will reject beta applications
  • It is very difficult to get noticed in the application stoire design which only shows a little number of search results.
  • It only shows the current version of reviews since on every update the review count is changed
The android vs ios pros and cons will give you references before buying your best smartphone or tablet. After writing the pros and cons of iOS above, I will give some pros and cons of Android.
Some pros of Android
  • There is no restriction, so it is open for new ideas.
  • There is no acceptance gate, so it is suitable for Minimum Viable Product.
  • It has wider install base. You will get larger population of Android user.
  • It has Google and Amazon as the key markets.
  • You could easily develop your Android without specialised hardware. You can develop it using Personal Computer and Eclipse.
Some cons of Android
  • It has fragmented devices
  • It has fragmented OS
  • There is no double checking for the final application
  • It uses emulator that is not good as iOS
By reading the android vs ios pros and cons, you can compare and choose the operating system that you want.
Android Emulator | Emulator is important part of some devices. It is a developer of some applications. Android emulator emulates and imitates behavior of android phone. You need an emulator for some cases, such as : you are interested in trying some games or applications without installing them on your phone.

Because of the privacy risk and security risk or you want to play some games or applications but you do not have the Android phone. With the emulator, you can run some applications or games like having the Android phone. It is very interesting, is not it?
android emulator
There are some advantages and disadvantages of android emulator, such as: 
  • Emulator is available on Linux and Windows platform. To run the emulator, you do not need to buy the android phone. You can test and develop Android applications without using physical Android phone. 
  • Emulator keeps the original feel, look, and behavior of physical android phone.
  • You do not need to worry when doing some mistakes, such as: missing configuration settings, writing the wrong code, or doing something bad. You have not to send it to service center to be repaired. You just need to re-install the emulator.
  • You can configure the hardware specification depends on your needs and the emulator capacity. You can configure RAM, OS version, SD Card existence, SD Card size, etc.
  • Not all of games and applications are available for the Android emulator.
  • Emulator can not emulate all of software and hardware functions since it is not a phone.
  • Emulator requires disk space for SD Card emulation and phone storage
  • Emulator also needs lot of RAM and CPU power to emulate software and hardware.
Those are some of advantages and disadvantage of android emulator. Although it has some disadvantages, it is still useful for us.
Free Ringtones For Android | If you have an Android, Audio & MP3 are important part. You can assign to your contacts to set a sound or a song as ringtone, SMS ringtone, set as timer and alarm sound, email sounds, and widget. You may feel bored with your existing ringtones. You can search and download your ringtone in free ringtones for android or Free Music Download For Android
You will get your best ringtone since this application is particularly prepared for the one who wants to use ringtone, so he or she could know when his or her phone is ringing. You can find so many free ringtones, even the popular ringtones. This application is great destination for some popular ringtones. 
Besides providing free ringtones for android, this application also provides free ringtones for Samsung, free ringtones for AT&T, free ringtones for Boost Mobile, Straight Talk ringtones, free Verizon ringtones, and free cell phone ringtones. You can also find some funny ringtones. 
After downloading this application, you could hear the fantastic sounds for several hours. Surely, you will love your new ringtone so you may listen your ringtone as long as possible. You can show to your friend that you have popular and best ringtones. It will be a certain pride.
free ringtones for android
By clicking Set as Alarm button, you can create the new alarm and delete existing ones. If you want to set widget, click and hold on your home screen, add widget, select Free Ringtones for Android from the list, and the last choose your best sound. All of sound clips that are used in this application are under the public domain license. This application has been tested on Acer Liquid E2 Couple, Asus Zenfone 6, LG G Flex, LG L40, Samsung Galaxy S4 and elifeMall Gionee E6. Get the sound from this application soon for making yourself becomes popular with popular ringtones. Android Souls
Free Music Downloads For Android | Certainly, music becomes great entertainment for our daily life. Most of us love to listen the music either using laptop or smartphone. There are many musics that you can download. You can download so many music selections in internet. Sometimes, you need to transfer your favourite music from your laptop to your smartphone, so you can listen your music easily where ever.

But, if you want to do simple task, you can download directly your favourite music from your smartphone. You do not need the transfering process. If you are Android user, you can download your favourite music freely using some applications of free music downloads for android, such as: Music Download Paradise Mp3, 4shared music, and Gtunes Music Download.

(1) Music Download Paradise Mp3
Music Download Paradise Mp3 allows you to download so many songs freely. You can search then listen your favourite song using this application. You can search your song by artist, title, or album. You can find the hit song by searching the top songs. You can access several songs from the Library section after downloading this application.
(2) 4shared Music
This free music downloads for android will alllow you to search, stream and download many music selections on your Android freely. To find your song, you can search by artist, title, or the combination of artist and title. You can also make some playlists and manage them so you can easily open your playlist and play your favourite song easily. 
(3) Gtunes Music Download
Gtunes Music Download is also known as Simple MP3 Downloader. It is effective but simple music downloader which allows you to play music on some public domain sites (,,, etc.). You can also make your own ringtone using any song. It could display the lyrics well.
All of those free music downloads for android are available on the Google Play Store or by clicking the downloads link bellow.. 
Free Music Downloads For Android

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