Android Emulator | Emulator is important part of some devices. It is a developer of some applications. Android emulator emulates and imitates behavior of android phone. You need an emulator for some cases, such as : you are interested in trying some games or applications without installing them on your phone.

Because of the privacy risk and security risk or you want to play some games or applications but you do not have the Android phone. With the emulator, you can run some applications or games like having the Android phone. It is very interesting, is not it?
android emulator
There are some advantages and disadvantages of android emulator, such as: 
  • Emulator is available on Linux and Windows platform. To run the emulator, you do not need to buy the android phone. You can test and develop Android applications without using physical Android phone. 
  • Emulator keeps the original feel, look, and behavior of physical android phone.
  • You do not need to worry when doing some mistakes, such as: missing configuration settings, writing the wrong code, or doing something bad. You have not to send it to service center to be repaired. You just need to re-install the emulator.
  • You can configure the hardware specification depends on your needs and the emulator capacity. You can configure RAM, OS version, SD Card existence, SD Card size, etc.
  • Not all of games and applications are available for the Android emulator.
  • Emulator can not emulate all of software and hardware functions since it is not a phone.
  • Emulator requires disk space for SD Card emulation and phone storage
  • Emulator also needs lot of RAM and CPU power to emulate software and hardware.
Those are some of advantages and disadvantage of android emulator. Although it has some disadvantages, it is still useful for us.

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