Free Music Downloads For Android | Certainly, music becomes great entertainment for our daily life. Most of us love to listen the music either using laptop or smartphone. There are many musics that you can download. You can download so many music selections in internet. Sometimes, you need to transfer your favourite music from your laptop to your smartphone, so you can listen your music easily where ever.

But, if you want to do simple task, you can download directly your favourite music from your smartphone. You do not need the transfering process. If you are Android user, you can download your favourite music freely using some applications of free music downloads for android, such as: Music Download Paradise Mp3, 4shared music, and Gtunes Music Download.

(1) Music Download Paradise Mp3
Music Download Paradise Mp3 allows you to download so many songs freely. You can search then listen your favourite song using this application. You can search your song by artist, title, or album. You can find the hit song by searching the top songs. You can access several songs from the Library section after downloading this application.
(2) 4shared Music
This free music downloads for android will alllow you to search, stream and download many music selections on your Android freely. To find your song, you can search by artist, title, or the combination of artist and title. You can also make some playlists and manage them so you can easily open your playlist and play your favourite song easily. 
(3) Gtunes Music Download
Gtunes Music Download is also known as Simple MP3 Downloader. It is effective but simple music downloader which allows you to play music on some public domain sites (,,, etc.). You can also make your own ringtone using any song. It could display the lyrics well.
All of those free music downloads for android are available on the Google Play Store or by clicking the downloads link bellow.. 
Free Music Downloads For Android

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